88 Charlies - We don't build airplanes with kids. We build kids with airplanes.
Completion of a PA-11 Cub Special


What is 88CHARLIES?
The 88CHARLIES Restore A Plane foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aviation by giving students the opportunity to restore real airplanes. Aircraft restoration construction projects provide an exciting opportunity to motivate students to learn virtually any facet of science, technology, engineering and mathematics when applied to this program.

In partnership with the local Palmyra flying community, 88CHARLIES is kicking off its first Restore A Plane project at the Palmyra Airport, in SE Wisconsin. Our goal is to establish a new project each year, using the completed projects as Air show demonstration aircraft, offering free rides to the public as well as flight lessons to those involved with the restoration. Our targeted audience is young people ages 12 thru 18, and parental participation in the program is encouraged. Our targeted aircraft fleet is the antique / classic period; Pre WWII through 1960, with a focus on the economical, low horsepower category.

Our success will be attributed to the following:
Local Schools and Organizations in search of new and unique ways to present core-learning skills, and offer an insight into alternate career paths.

Young people that are excited by airplanes, and aviation offer them a real-world reason to use science, technology, engineering and math.

There are thousands of un-airworthy aircraft and incomplete kit planes that are prime candidates for our projects, usually available at little or no cost.

Aircraft donors receive tax benefits through the program’s 501(c)(3) status.

There are many local adults who have expert knowledge about aircraft construction and refurbishment that are willing to donate their time.

Most importantly, there are thousands of young people who would love the opportunity to be exposed to aviation as a vocation or avocation via our foundation.

How it Works.
88CHARLIES seeks aircraft donations, as well as the names of interested high schools, organized groups (Scouting, 4H, Religious) and young people and adults who want to participate in a project to build a real airplane. Young people, who participate, are offered flight lessons in exchange for hours worked on the project (20:1).

Meeting Schedules
Every Saturday morning 8am – 1pm
Palmyra Airport
Here is a video of a typical Saturday:

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